An experience every woman must have!
Testimony from Mrs. J
As a stay at home mom I was very nervous about going forth with the boudoir package I had booked with Foxy Boudior.  I even contemplated cancelling a few times.  It was something I had never done before, but was so excited by at the same time. But as soon I arrived, I felt so safe and welcomed, it was as if they had known me for years.  They made me completely comfortable and took the time to go over outfits and concepts.  I was not just a number, 1 of the many women booked for that day.  I was the only woman and their sole focus was on me and providing me with the best experience that they could.
The in depth questionnaire that was provided prior to our appointment  was brilliant.  It really helped them and myself accomplish the feel and look of the photo shoot that I had been envisioning.  I must admit, it took a little bit of time for me to loosen up and get comfortable in front of the lense, but Perry and his assistant were so amazing in helping me with poses that would look good and bring my beauty forward.
I have never once felt so empowered, sexy, and beautiful in one day.  I had always wondered what it would be like to be a model or actress and for one day I can truly say that I experienced that feeling.  Every once in a while Perry would stop to change the music or the back drop and show me a photo that he had just taken.  It was such a boost of confidence to keep going forward and it made me feel more adventurous  and creative as time went on.
As much I did this as a gift for a husband.  I left feeling as though it was just as much a gift for myself.  I am so appreciative to Perry and his team for the experience they provided me and will never forget that feeling  The finished product is more than I could have hoped for, and every time I look at it, I am reminded of such a wonderful day.
I highly recommend this for every woman and know that they will have the same experience and fond memories as I do.


A behind the scenes look at the Foxy Boudoir Experience.


here are some images from a shoot we did last week. We were planning on going outside but then i snowed about the time we started hair and make up but we still got alot of  really amazing images.

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Here is a link to a feature story on a photo shoot We did last year

Click on the photo to see the link.


here are a couple of images from an editorial shoot we did s few months ago.

I had the pleasure of working with some of my amazing models.


this is from Mrs. S. a session we did last weekend.
Boudoir photos – something every woman must do at least once in their life!

Amazing! That was my experience with Foxy Boudoir. What a complete blast that day was. First of all, Perry makes sure he gets to know you ahead of time with a clever questionnaire which helps him to get a feel for your personality and reasons for doing the shoot. Any questions or concerns you have ahead of time are met promptly with sincerity, which can help to ease any fears or reluctance you might have about the shoot.

As for shoot day itself – be ready to feel like a supermodel! I was completely dolled up by Jessica, who was warm and welcoming, like talking to an old friend. I left my look to her hands, as she is the professional, and wow she blew my expectations out of the water. I seriously felt like a Victoria’s Secret model when she was done with me, it was stunning. In a matter of minutes I had gone from feeling like a frumpy mom to supermodel, she did such an amazing job. Once I was all dolled up she helped me put together the looks we would do for the shoot that day from the suitcase full of lingerie I had brought, as I was undecided what exactly to do. By this time any nervousness I had was already vanished and I was excited and ready to shoot!

Once we were ready to start shooting, Perry was amazing. I felt so comfortable and had such a fun time. All I had to do was show up and he directed me on how to pose and what to do and started clicking away and I was having a great time doing my thing – never once feeling nervous or awkward! As he showed me some of the shots as we went along I was completely wowed, he knows all the tricks and angles and lighting to have you looking like something out of the pages of a magazine. I am not one that usually photographs well and in these pictures you would not know it! I was completely blown away by the photos. Perry is really amazing at what he does and his work is truly a piece of art. He certainly has a way of capturing every woman’s unique personality.

This is something every woman needs to experience, it is truly empowering. Women have beautiful bodies and it is a treasure to have this captured in such an artistic way. The pictures will boost your confidence make you feel beautiful. And if you so desire, what a gift for your special loved one, the expression on their face when they see your photos is priceless!

Thank you so much Perry and Team! This was a day I will never forget and I’m sure I will be back in the future to do it all again!

foxybouroir date look

foxybouroir date look

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soft intimate boudoir photo

soft intimate boudoir photo

We always love it when our Clients are blown away with their foxy boudoir photography  session. our goal is to make every woman feel like they are special and beautiful.

here is a short testimonial video from Miss J.

We have several clients that keep coming back in to do boudoir sessions year after year. it is such an honour to capture these beautiful women in images.

here is a few images from a recent boudoir session here in calgary with  Miss M.

calgary boudoirur photographer

calgary boudoirur photographer

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I love shooting outdoors in the mountains. this is a great time of year for this the water is clear and it is warm and the colors are amazing. we had the oppvi4206473 vi4206453 vi4206386 vi4206261 vi4206246 vi420bw6730ortunity to do an incredible session yesterday.


What a great time of year to book your boudoir session with Foxy!


Our Fall Special includes:

1 hour, 2 looks, a beautiful Italian hard cover coffee book 8×8 with 20 pages.

Regular prices goes for $1250.00.

Special runs for $900.00 (tax not included)

Must book your shoot before September 15, and the shoot needs to be done before September 30.

Call our studio to book with Kelsey or Dawnelle (403 243 5643)

For more information, email us at info@foxyboudoir.com