An experience every woman must have!
Testimony from Mrs. J
As a stay at home mom I was very nervous about going forth with the boudoir package I had booked with Foxy Boudior.  I even contemplated cancelling a few times.  It was something I had never done before, but was so excited by at the same time. But as soon I arrived, I felt so safe and welcomed, it was as if they had known me for years.  They made me completely comfortable and took the time to go over outfits and concepts.  I was not just a number, 1 of the many women booked for that day.  I was the only woman and their sole focus was on me and providing me with the best experience that they could.
The in depth questionnaire that was provided prior to our appointment  was brilliant.  It really helped them and myself accomplish the feel and look of the photo shoot that I had been envisioning.  I must admit, it took a little bit of time for me to loosen up and get comfortable in front of the lense, but Perry and his assistant were so amazing in helping me with poses that would look good and bring my beauty forward.
I have never once felt so empowered, sexy, and beautiful in one day.  I had always wondered what it would be like to be a model or actress and for one day I can truly say that I experienced that feeling.  Every once in a while Perry would stop to change the music or the back drop and show me a photo that he had just taken.  It was such a boost of confidence to keep going forward and it made me feel more adventurous  and creative as time went on.
As much I did this as a gift for a husband.  I left feeling as though it was just as much a gift for myself.  I am so appreciative to Perry and his team for the experience they provided me and will never forget that feeling  The finished product is more than I could have hoped for, and every time I look at it, I am reminded of such a wonderful day.
I highly recommend this for every woman and know that they will have the same experience and fond memories as I do.