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here are some images from a shoot we did last week. We were planning on going outside but then i snowed about the time we started hair and make up but we still got alot of  really amazing images.

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this is from Mrs. S. a session we did last weekend.
Boudoir photos – something every woman must do at least once in their life!

Amazing! That was my experience with Foxy Boudoir. What a complete blast that day was. First of all, Perry makes sure he gets to know you ahead of time with a clever questionnaire which helps him to get a feel for your personality and reasons for doing the shoot. Any questions or concerns you have ahead of time are met promptly with sincerity, which can help to ease any fears or reluctance you might have about the shoot.

As for shoot day itself – be ready to feel like a supermodel! I was completely dolled up by Jessica, who was warm and welcoming, like talking to an old friend. I left my look to her hands, as she is the professional, and wow she blew my expectations out of the water. I seriously felt like a Victoria’s Secret model when she was done with me, it was stunning. In a matter of minutes I had gone from feeling like a frumpy mom to supermodel, she did such an amazing job. Once I was all dolled up she helped me put together the looks we would do for the shoot that day from the suitcase full of lingerie I had brought, as I was undecided what exactly to do. By this time any nervousness I had was already vanished and I was excited and ready to shoot!

Once we were ready to start shooting, Perry was amazing. I felt so comfortable and had such a fun time. All I had to do was show up and he directed me on how to pose and what to do and started clicking away and I was having a great time doing my thing – never once feeling nervous or awkward! As he showed me some of the shots as we went along I was completely wowed, he knows all the tricks and angles and lighting to have you looking like something out of the pages of a magazine. I am not one that usually photographs well and in these pictures you would not know it! I was completely blown away by the photos. Perry is really amazing at what he does and his work is truly a piece of art. He certainly has a way of capturing every woman’s unique personality.

This is something every woman needs to experience, it is truly empowering. Women have beautiful bodies and it is a treasure to have this captured in such an artistic way. The pictures will boost your confidence make you feel beautiful. And if you so desire, what a gift for your special loved one, the expression on their face when they see your photos is priceless!

Thank you so much Perry and Team! This was a day I will never forget and I’m sure I will be back in the future to do it all again!

foxybouroir date look

foxybouroir date look

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soft intimate boudoir photo

soft intimate boudoir photo

Hey team!

Just wanted to send my blurb for the fantastic work you all did .

From the minute I sent in my inquiry for additional information I was greeted with genuine enthusiasm and professional experience. This was a surprise wedding gift for my husband-to-be, and I had never done anything like this before… The positive encouragement and gentle push I needed to say, “okay, let’s do this!” came in strides from Perry’s team. I quickly went from nervous to excited and started planning my looks immediately with Dawnelle. She was so helpful and answered all my emails with speedy response. The day of the shoot I had my hair and makeup done by their artist Jess, and she was so hilarious and talented! She gave me my ‘VS’ look with ease.

They feed you wine and take you to photo locations in style. Perry’s assistant and my BFF for the day was Genny, she made me feel like a rockstar! Between her compliments and Perry’s explicit “in the moment passion” I honestly felt like a super model working it on set and not a first time amateur. It was amazing! Perry’s style is really something else… I recommend him to anyone looking for a professional photographer – in any realm. He’s the best!
Their graphic designer, Kelsey, sat with me for almost three hours customizing my album to perfection. None of my requests were turned down, she was so fun to work with and really has an eye for design layout. With my custom Italian leather cover the finished product brought me to tears! And best of all the morning of the wedding when my hubby opened his ‘special delivery’ he looked like he was ready to faint! The smile went from ear to ear and I’m pretty sure I saw drool!!! (I watched the video of him receiving it a million times… It was exactly the reaction I was going for!)
Fabulous experience start to finish! To Perry and his ‘Foxy’ team of ladies. You will see me again! Love you all and thank you so much!
calgary boudoir

calgary boudoir

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 Never in my life could i imagine having a more wonderful Boudoir Shoot. Perry and his assistant gave me such a positive experience right from when I walked through the door till I was back in my vehicle. They continuously encouraged me and  kept the mood light throughout the whole shoot. Upon viewing the photos I was amazed! I look like a super hot model! Perry does such an awesome job to capture who you are and your photos truly show it!  Perry, you are amazing at what you do. My man is going to LOVE his gift!!! A definite must for those ladies looking for a special gift to give your man!!”


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We have been doing a lot of incredible photo sessions lately but most are bridal boudoir so we can not show them yet. until the brides give their lucky men the books. I did a shoot this week that was not for a gift and here are some photos from the session.

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Well we did it last year and it was a hit so we are doing it again.

Foxy’s Spring boudoir photography special.


1 hour 2 look boudoir session

and a 20 page Italian 8×8 boudoir book.

custom designed for you.    for $900.00 

Regular price for this is $1250.00

you must book by the end April and complete session by the end of june 2013.

for more information or to book email:

Sessions available in Calgary and Vancouver.

I have had this idea for a while now I wanted to do a Marie antoinette boudoir session. today was a test for hair and Make up but we will soon do this type of look with about 8 models together.

it was really fun  here are some images.

This Week We had a client request an Oilers Jersey to be painted in hounour for  her boyfreind. Here is her story and some images It was an amazing session.

A big thank you to Perry! He was amazing to work with, he is so talented!  He provided great direction and make me feel completely comfortable!  This was my first time ever doing something like this and it was such a great experience!  Amanda did a fantastic job painting the jersey, she is so much fun and it turned out better than I ever thought so thank you!  I also have to say thank you to Jess she did such a great job with hair and makeup, it pulled everything together!  I can’t say enough how happy I am, everything turned out perfectly!  I booked this shoot as a surprise Christmas gift to my boyfriend, he is a huge oilers fan and I can’t wait to surprise him!  Thanks again to everyone for making it such a great experience and something I’ll remember forever!


Well we made it thorough November it was a really busy but rewarding month We photographed some incredibly beautiful and amazing women. The only unfortuante thing is I can not show any  photos yet most of them are for christmas gifts for their husbands and boyfreinds. Last night was the launch for luxe weddings magazine and I wanted to share some of the photos we did that were publish in the magazine.

Here are some photos of the beautiful Jeanette and Kelsey. The magazines will be released into stores december 17 2012


calgary boudoir photography

I had such an amazing experience shooting my first boudoir photos! Thank you Perry and Jessica for making my experience really special. I had always wanted to try something daring that would allow me to unleash my inner sex goddess, and after my consultation, I was convinced that a boudoir shoot would be perfect.

My whole experience started with being picked up in a limo, which was perfect, because I was able to relax and enjoy a glass of wine (or two!) before my shoot. Jessica did an amazing job with my makeup, and really set the tone with bold eye makeup and sleek sexy hair. She helped me coordinate my outfits, and picked the accessories that would go with the look I was going for. We had a great time chatting before the actual shoot, and I felt like I was in the company of an awesome friend.

I was really worried about posing in front of the camera, but once I was ready to go, I felt like a star! Perry was great with guiding me through it, and the poses felt really natural. I was having so much fun and could barely contain myself sometimes because Perry was so hilarious! Every so often I’d get to see a raw shot of the photo and thought “WOW I look amazing!” Perry and his team did an awesome job making me look and feel like a goddess! Who knew this good girl had such a wild side 😉

I definitely recommend Perry’s team to anyone thinking about doing a sexy photo shoot. Trust me… it’s so liberating and you get to work with such a talented bunch of people. Thanks again for an amazing experience!