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One of the most frequent questions we get on a daily basis from clients is “What clothes should I bring?” or “What should I wear?”.  Everyone has their own style so we begin with a brief questionnaire to help clients figure out what they’re drawn to and what they think is sexy or appealing. This also helps us customize the shoot based on what they like. Although a boudoir shoot is a great excuse for a shopping spree and we always encourage you to bring too much; we ALWAYS suggest to bring a black bra and black panties. Sometimes the sexiest look is the simplest; just a classic pairing of black panties and black bra, perhaps with a little lace but very straight forward and uncomplicated. We always encourage clients to embrace their style and wear what they feel comfortable and confident in, and sometimes that can be something very simple. This is especially the case with our recent shoot with Miss N.

-The Foxy Boudoir Team